Bet On Detroit Lions 2021

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The 2018 season will go down as somewhat of a disappointment for the Lions. It was their first under Matt Patricia, a new man at the helm can sometimes lead to a topsy-turvy campaign while players adjust to a new coach.

The Lions also suffered injuries to key positions and couldn’t quite find the consistency needed to launch a serious challenge for the playoffs. This inconsistency has made it difficult to bet on Detroit Lions successfully.

Lions fans will hope that the centenary season of the NFL will see a huge improvement. A push for the playoffs is surely the aim, and if they can use the draft well, who can rule them out?

Results Of Previous Season

Detroit Lions wins in 2018 Detroit Lions losses in 2018
6 10

The table above shows the Detroit Lions’ inconsistency during the last campaign. There were some good plays for sure, but overall the Lions couldn’t quite match those of their rivals or the hopes of the Lions faithful.

The inconsistency of the side made Detroit Lions betting extremely difficult last year. If you want to bet on Detroit Lions 2019, keep your eye on who they sign in the Draft. Strengthen the positions they need, and Detroit Lions betting to win could prove profitable.

Detroit Lions betting lines
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Big Changes To Detroit Lions

So what do Patricia and co need to do to ensure a more successful season next time out? First up, they need to take advantage of their 8th pick in this year’s Draft. Having 8th overall pick means they should be able to address the problem positions that, in part, led to a poor 2018 season.

Detroit Lions should be able to recruit at least one top player to stand a better chance of improving on last season’s disappointing campaign. Who could the Lions recruit? In the defensive middle they’re reasonably strong, on the outside they need strengthening.

Defensive end, Cornerback and Wide Receiver are all positions that the Lions should be strengthening come the Free Agency and the Draft. A Quarterback to act as cover for Matthew Stafford might also be useful.

The Lions have plenty of young talent who could come into their own next season. If they can add some experience to their ranks their win rate could improve.

It’s important to note that the 2018 season was their first with Matt Patricia in charge. 2018 may have been a disappointment, but having spent a season with new coaching and new tactics, we’d expect the Lions to come out the other side with a better understanding of what the boss wants.

As every football fan knows, things can change very quickly in the NFL. For example, Chicago Bears two years ago had a record of 5-11. The following season, however, they turned it around to win their division with a 12-4 record to reach the playoffs.

So, while it’s hard to predict how the Lions will fare next season, any NFL fan will know so much can change from season to season. This means it can be tough to find the right wagers if you’re looking to bet on Detroit Lions, certainly until after the Draft and the first few games of the season.

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