Daily Fantasy Sports in Michigan

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Our Daily Fantasy Sports MI guide brings you all the important information about currently available fantasy sports in the state of Michigan. 

First of all, let’s see how daily fantasy online platforms work in general. Then you’ll be able to discover more about different types of fantasy leagues to play and DFS contests. Once we’ve gone through all the basics, you can see which websites are among the most popular and how to get started. 

So, keep reading our guide and find some special daily fantasy advice!

Playing Daily Fantasy Sports – How Does It Work?

The first step towards playing DFS and creating a daily fantasy strategy is to find the perfect site and register. These types of websites have been around for a long time. Later, we’ll discuss something more about them. First of all, we want to make sure that you know how to DFS. 


Usually, all the DFS websites offer contests in many different sports. From some standard options, such as football, basketball, and baseball, to slightly less popular choices, including hockey, soccer, or even golf, MMA, tennis, or e-sports, there’s something for everyone.

If you are completely new to all this, and your first question is how to DFS, you should know that the gameplay itself is pretty simple. Of course, there are some slight differences depending on the sport you have chosen, but the general idea is almost always the same. 

You get to choose a team of professional players from a particular competition or league and then you earn points based on their performance in real-world events. In other words, you get to create your imaginary teams by choosing real players and you earn points based on their performance. 

Therefore, let’s hope that your players are doing well on the field because if your team scores more points than other participants’ teams, you win.  

In the USA, the legality of DFS is determined on a state-by-state basis. When it comes to Michigan, daily fantasy sports are legal and you can access the websites of all the major operators.

Fantasy Sports Basics: How to play DFS?

As popular as fantasy sports are, for some people, this still might represent a new way of having fun. That’s why we decided to start from the basics and then move forward on some more complicated subjects such as picking the right website and creating your own daily fantasy strategy. 


If we need to say in a few simple words how to DFS, here’s a short daily fantasy sports beginner’s guide and daily fantasy advice. Before you start playing, you need to complete the following steps:

  1. Find and register at a daily fantasy sports site. 
  2. Make a deposit and choose a contest.
  3. Draft your team and develop your daily fantasy strategy (Hopefully, the daily fantasy advice you can find here will be more than helpful). 
  4. Compete, and good luck! 

According to some opinions, luck is all you need to have a successful outcome. But more often, it is important to do some preparation and think thoroughly about your daily fantasy strategy. Some websites offer various guides and daily fantasy advice. However, before you decide to put your trust in them, make sure they are safe and secure. 

Different Types of Fantasy Leagues to Play

Once you decide to register and start your DFS adventure, it is important to decide how to DFS and which fantasy league/s to choose. Sometimes, it can be overwhelming since there are so many different options available. Of course, first of all, you should select those which correspond to your interests. 

However, we should go through some of the most common choices. In fact, there are two especially popular types of fantasy leagues: a head-to-head league and a total points league. 

The first one is where your fake team composed of real players compete against other teams from the league every week. The team that manages to collect the most points calculated on the basis of the players’ real-life performance during that week is the winner. 

On the other hand, the total points daily fantasy league, which is the second popular type of league is where your team collects points over a certain period of time. The more you earn, the better the chances of winning. 

While discovering how to DFS, it is also important to learn something more about existing types of daily fantasy contests.

Types of DFS Contests

Another important thing you should know when it comes to daily fantasy is that there are many types of DFS contests. It all depends on your personal preferences and taste, but picking the right contest type plays a very important role.  Here are some of the types of contest you can find:

  • Multipliers
  • Tournaments and Leagues 
  • Head to head 
  • 50/50 or Double-Ups
  • Qualifiers
  • Guaranteed Prize Pools

Best Daily Fantasy Sports Sites

Great daily fantasy advice is to learn how to DFS, look carefully for the right website and make sure to develop an effective daily fantasy strategy allowing you to create a great team. When it comes to websites, there are a few very popular options across the country. We’ll make sure to go through them and say what makes them a good choice. 

Another piece of daily fantasy advice we can give you is to take a look at the promotions page of these sites. Usually, the operators offer some exciting welcome offers to attract new customers. These offers represent a great way of starting your fantasy sports adventure. However, before deciding to claim such an offer, make sure to go through its terms and conditions. 



FanDuel is a very popular option for many players coming from different states across the country. It’s not just a daily fantasy sports site, but it also offers the possibility of online betting. Therefore, once you visit the site, you can be sure that you’ll be joining a bunch of satisfied users. 

This operator has been working for years already. What’s more, you can download and install the operator’s application and keep an eye on your daily fantasy team while on the go. 



DraftKings is another popular daily fantasy site. It’s never a problem to find tournaments, head to head, or any other type of DFS contests. It’s one of those brands that constantly improve and has various options for its regular users. Besides, fantasy sports markets, you can also register at an online casino or place a bet. 

DraftKings was founded in Boston in 2012 and it includes one of the largest fields of daily sports in the industry. Once you open a new account, you’ll be able to find contests and games related to all the following sports: Football, NHL, MLB, NBA, MMA, NASCAR, CFL, golf, soccer, and eSports. 

Monkey Knife Fight


Monkey Knife Fight offers a lot of fun to all its players. Currently available sports are the following: Soccer, Golf, NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL. The site works seamlessly with multiple devices, so you won’t be having any trouble at all wherever you are. 

The operator also offers a great welcome bonus in MKF $ for all new users who decide to open a new account. All in all, it’s highly recommended to check it out and see for yourself what the brand offers.

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How to Get Started Playing Daily Fantasy Sports

One of the most practical advice we can give you is to prepare your daily fantasy strategy before deciding to take part in any given contest. Getting started isn’t that complicated as it might seem, especially to some new users who have never had the chance to try it before. 

First of all, everything depends on the sport you want to play. However, the concept behind the whole idea of fantasy sports websites remains pretty much the same, and all the players have to go through the same steps: find your favorite site, open a new account and pick the contest you’d like to participate in. 

Once you’ve chosen the contest, you should create your own team. Make sure to select all the big stars and create the best possible team. Of course, pay attention to the salary cap. All in all, it doesn’t sound that complicated. 

When the contest starts, you can sit back, relax (if you are capable of doing it) and keep an eye on the performance of the players that your team is composed of. Some things depend on you, but there are also some things depending on them too. That’s the beauty of daily fantasy sports. 

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