PointsBet App Review

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After the great news that the PointsBet app became available in NJ, many speculations have been made. The mobile sports betting market in the US is in the sights of one great operator. However, in recent days there have been speculations that this operator will launch its PointsBet sportsbook app in Michigan soon. 

Once this brand becomes active in Michigan, the wagerers could possibly expect more than just retail and online betting. In fact, future users are anticipating the arrival of the PointsBet mobile app for various mobile platforms. 

How to Bet with the PointsBet App


Once you download the app and the registration process begins, the bettors might have to provide pieces of personal information. To be precise, the bettors might have to ass their name, birthday, phone number, SSN and similar. The operator could ask for your SSN in order to check the validity of your personal information. 

Moreover, during the registration process, you will probably have to opt for payment methods and add your bank details, too. 

Adding a payment method is a crucial part of signing up as a sportsbook user. In fact, without that, no user will be able to complete the registration process, make a deposit and withdraw winnings. 

Keep in mind that the details on the payment methods have to correspond to your own personal details. Make sure to use the PointsBet bonus code if you want to get the potential welcome offer bonus. 

In addition, future users will likely have to accept all the terms and conditions, privacy policies, etc. Then, you will probably have to allow the app to track your location and use geo-location services to locate you. In fact, this is an essential part of betting via an app. It can limit the future users of Michigan to bet only inside the borders of the state. 

Finally, when the user downloads the app and signs-in/signs-up, they will be able to place bet easily. First, pick a bet type and make sure to add a stop that might be helpful for all the new bettors. Deposit some funds on your betting account, add a sum to your bet and wait for the results. 

How to Download the PointsBet App

First of all, the bettors who want to bet via PointsBet Sportsbook App will have to be of legal age. According to the state law of MI, no person under the age of 18 is allowed to bet. Furthermore, this might not affect the ability to download the app, but the minors won’t be able to register. 

There should be two options for downloading the app. In other words, this app should be available for both iOS and Android platforms. Moreover, iOS users should be able to get this app straight from the AppStore on their mobile devices. 

However, if this operator launches this app in Michigan, the Android users won’t be able to get it on the Google Play Store. On the other hand, Android users might have the option to get the app on the operator’s official website. The wagerers could further download and install the app, sign-up, and bet. 

The important part is that Pointsbet App will most likely be available to players on both of the mobile operating systems.

What is Points Betting?

It is widely known that PointsBet Sportsbook offers its signature betting type – points betting. In essence, in this kind of betting every sports bet could be placed on various variables. In other words, it is completely opposite to the fixed odds betting. The winnings or losses will be secure after the very end of the sports event. 

Furthermore, the number of points won in a bet is equal to the amount of money used to place a bet. So, if the bet wins by one point, the winnings will be the initial bet amount multiplied by one. Basically, if the bet won by one, and the wagerer deposited $20, the winnings will be $20.  

In addition, the same rule is applied to losses. Thus, if the bet loses by 1 point the loss will be the amount used for bet x1. Also, all the bet amounts have a maximum and maximum loss and all becomes transparent when the bet is placed. 

Review Summary


Keep in mind that most of the information in this review has been made based on the assumptions.

The good news is that the brand now packs a lot of experience, and it is likely that the PointsBet app is going to fulfill all of the expectations of the Michigan players. All this only adds to the value of the PointsBet bonus code.

However, these are some of the things that should remain pretty much the same as in NJ once the brand starts operating in MI. 

To sign-up:To deposit/withdraw:
18 year old or olderProvide a government-issued ID
Physically in the state of MichiganPayment method registered in your name
Accept T&C’s and other rulesProvide needed documentation